Name: Niels

Nick: Tjillert, [ByB]^Tjillert, uberSpammert, [WEK]^19”-wannab.

Age: 24

Connection: ADSL

PC Specs: P4 2,6Ghz , 768mb DDR, GeForce4 128mb, 19" CRT, microsoft optical mouse

Favorite Weapon: Snipert, pulsegun, shock, rocket

Favorite Map: Stalwart XL, (Deck and Liandri are almost standards with UT I think).

Note: [WEK]^Tjillert is the spammert of the group. Preferably with the rocket launcher, loading 'm up and firing at a places where there might be some people humping around.


This picture is taken @ a LAN party @ Eddiç' home.

You're probably thinking: Why is Tjillert holding on to his dick? But if you take another look, you'll see that he's planning to blow [WEK]^Dammert's head of with a rocket. You always have to look after him, or he will spam a hole in your back with his dick, euh rocket, that is offcourse ;)

This picture is taking while Tjillert was praticing with his sniper gun.

But as always he couldn't manage to hit very much. The only headshot he managed to make was that of an old grandma who was standing 2 meters in front of him... Oeps.

Than he decided to quickly and sneaky install his 11-bot aimbot. So he could hit some other objects aswell.

But please Tjillert, next time do it somemore subtile. This is just TOO obvious... :P