Name: Simon

Nick: Dammert, Rukkert, Ubern00b, UberP.I.M.P., Dampert, The_Fisherman

Age: 21

Connection: ADSL

PC Specs: AMD XP 2000+, 512mb DDR, Kyro II 64mb

Favorite Weapon: Shock & Rocket

Favorite Map: StalwartXL, Turbine


A little update in the members-area is a good idea indeed :) Join our irc if you like, #WEK 

New equipment has arrived! Getting used to the new mouse is harder then I thought, mousewheel SUCKS btw for this one. I'm also responsable for the website (in coorporation with [WEK]^Eddiį) so if you got something to say to us you can mail us at rechtindeprullenbak@wek-clan.tk

New equipment shown here, Intelli Explorer 4, Steelpad, the trust headset :), and the ultimate gaming glove! Also notice the bag of paprika chips in the back :P This all looks very dangerous but we still suck, donīt worry about that, LOL 

[WEK]^Dammert here in full action in one of the newest maps: DM-Lloret

Fuel for the gamer!!!