This is ofcourse a very important part of our site, this is the area where we can show our real skills... :D At least what we think are skills, most of the time our golden-rule is applied: luck > skill :D

The WEK-clan would also like to say to all of you out there: WEK is a FUN-CLAN, ofcourse we hope to win all of the matches that we play, but the important thing is that we have a good time and a good laugh...

     Who's better [Byb]? Check the screen in [ByB]'s own server !!

         One of our latest screens, Eddie behind because of his injury :D

        Tjillert's best one ever, look at his fph

        A '1-2 victory' always nice :D

        And another one... :P

        Rukkert A.K.A. Dammert

        The first one-on-one we ever played, suicide-madness.. :P

        Eddie ownes the entire 13th-clan.. :D

        Nice Matrix-style by Tjillert.. :P

        A nice full Dutchnet server :)

        2-on-2 very good game by both teams

        Nice one

        Close one, WEK ownage.. :D

        Heheh, quote says it all.. :P

        Instagib for a change


A lot of work these screenshots.. More to come later :P

This is only a small selection of our screens, and if you want some screenshots of you posted where you win a good match or with a redeemert commin' right at ya, mail 'm here and we'll post 'm under the 'friends of the clan' part of this site