Many people ask us what the best way is to prepare for an important war. Well... we always stick to our standard routine before we're ready to own. To show you people what we mean I brought my camera the other time. Results below! :D

The trip's kickoff always starts @ the playgarden where we pick up pilki. As you can see he allready was prepared for the trip, considering that he brought his own flak!

The key word in preparation is relaxation, what better way can you think of than doing a litlle fishing, a beer and the most important thing... a little oral! Ofcourse it is not thinkable that we give the girls some back because we need our energy for the war :P


And ofcourse the standard ending of a good preparation is a nice meal @ the Mac, as you can see on this picture where Tjillert is chilling out with Ronald MacDonald.

After this good meal it is about time to play the war, a quick briefing of our tactical coach is the only thing we need to get us focussed, as you can see above with pilki. She's allways a big help with UT because she's an expert at 'blowing with big guns' , and we can confirm that :D 

And it's worth it!! YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaa!!


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